Hi – I was gone, but I’m back baby and in full blown wedding planning mode. One of the things I’m most excited for about our wedding is having our favorite people stand by our sides. We have a large bridal party, which some people love and some hate but honestly, I think whatever amount of people you choose to have stand up (if any) is entirely up to you and your partner. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen numbers don’t match up either, by the way – which in my opinion, makes no difference. PLEASE do not add bridesmaids or groomsmen to your party for the sake of numbers. I feel like it doesn’t have to be said, but just in case anyone forgot, being in a bridal party is extremely expensive and time consuming – so pick your crew wisely.

Okay – lets get into the good stuff: gifts 🙂 I love gifts and I love gift giving, so this was fun for me. I knew I wanted to give my girls something nice, obviously, but I wanted to stay away from your typical box filled with personalized stuff. Especially with 9 bridesmaids, that can get pricey and in my mind, I’d rather give one really nice item, than 4 smaller, cheaper items – but again, thats just me.

I decided to go with a candle from a small Detroit company, Detroit Rose. Their candles have the most amazing smell, are hand poured right in Detroit and come in the cutest boxes with a set of matches.

I kind of always knew I wanted to do a candle, they’re practical but still a luxe gift that I felt good about giving and also being able to support a small business that I already love was a huge plus. I’m going to link their website here. Pro Tip – sign up for their emails and recieve 15% off your order!

Here are some other great bridesmaid proposal gift ideas:

I love this idea, if you have a bridal party that loves wine, I don’t think there is a better gift than this. I like that it’s the gift and the proposal all wrapped into one. Linked Here.
Glossier Skin Edit – everyone loves skincare 😉
Celebration Set Box – every box sold provides meals to children in need ❤

Next are cards – I went with these cute personalized ones from Etsy, I’ll link the shop here. You can also choose from different envelope colors.

Here are a few others I loved:

Wow – I loved these ones, the only reason I didn’t choose them was because I wanted their names on the cards and this design didn’t offer that. Linked here.

The wedding content is coming in hot so I hope you enjoy! xx – B

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