Last month, I had my bridal shower and it was everything I could’ve imagined and more :,). It was so nice to see everyone and have my bridesmaids all together for the first time! But nonetheless, it was definitely a lot of planning. The registry, keeping track of gifts, the venue, the invites, the signage, everything definitely required a lot of thought, but it was so beautiful in the end and I’m here to help and provide insight on what I did and didn’t do, so enjoy!
Venue: Cherry Creek Golf Club
Photographer: Erika Christine Photography
Makeup: Makeup By Caroline
Florist: Mancuso’s Florist

10/10 would recommend having a photographer at your shower

xx B


This was probably the most overwhelming part, just because I didn’t know where to start at all. Jon and I do live together already, so we have a lot of things that people would probably register for, but I stuck to a lot of kitchen items that I did want to replace because once we do have a house (not a small apartment in the city) it will be really nice to have all new things 🙂 I’ve seen people do Amazon, Target, the classic Bed, Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, etc.

We chose to register at Williams & Sonoma and Zola. Zola allowed me to add different brands such as crate and barrel, Brooklinen, Le Creuset, etc. I will say Zola was the better out of the two because they offered free shipping and you could even add other vendors/companies to your registry if they didn’t offer it (we did this with our Away Luggage). However, we chose Williams & Sonoma because there was a physical store near me that we could go into and scan items and add them to our registry with the help of a sales associate because like I said, shit is overwhelming. They even had checklists in store that you could go through based on what you like to do and what’s important to you and your partner. If you guys like to entertain or cook specifically, they had checklists for that which I thought was extremely helpful.

Speaking of registry, you’ll see on my invite that I asked guests to bring their gifts unwrapped to display them. Unpopular opinion (or maybe it’s popular, I still don’t know) but it’s not fun to watch people open a bowl or a plate from Aunt Betty. So I spared my guests and simply thanked each person aloud at the shower for what they brought. I realize this may upset some of the older generations, however, I wanted more time to mingle and see my guests.

Signage / Invites / Thank You Cards

I bought this template via Etsy, then printed it at staples. I saved a little bit of money by printing them as posters and using double sided tape to stick them to foam boards myself as opposed to buying them printed on foam board. I ordered this in 24×36
I bought the template from Etsy, edited it to reflect my info and uploaded my design via Fed Ex and it came with envelopes.

I wanted to keep the invite and signage super simple and there really are so many signage templates on Etsy, which again, is overwhelming. I do recommend going with an Etsy shop that has all of the things you need so you can ensure everything looks cohesive. Here is the one I used:

Another helpful tip I learned from my genius soon to be MIL was to get a head start on my thank you cards. As people purchased things on my registry, I would get notified and I could write my thank you card as they came in, as opposed to writing all 80 after the shower in a hurry to get them out in a timely manner. I ordered a 60 pack on amazon for $12 you can find them here. I also purchased a return address stamp via Etsy so I only had to write the guests name/address, you can find that here.


You can really take or leave favors in my opinion, sometimes they’re cute and other times it’s a waste of money. I decided to go with homemade baklava that my fiancé’s mom made herself (I know, she’s the best) and we put them in these boxes from amazon. I decided to make them my own by adding a little sticker on top with our wedding logo

I bought this file from Tatiana Soash, I used it for our save the dates, these stickers and I plan to incorporate it throughout our wedding.

What to Wear, What to Wear

Jon’s suit + shirt was zara, my dress was shona joy – I couldn’t find the exact link, but I linked the website. Shoes were Stuart Weitzman Aleena Mule

Other options I love:

shop here
Shop here
shop here
Shop here
Shop here
Shop here

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