Staying Healthy, While Staying Home

It’s been about 8 weeks since Chicago shut down. The bars and restaurants closed their doors, social distancing began, masks became a new norm, my kitchen table is my new office and I’ve done every home workout under the sun to try to stay in shape during quarantine. I think we can all agree, these are tough times, especially if you or a loved one is in the healthcare field.

Thankfully, Jon and I are just working from home, our friends and families are healthy and we’re just trying to do our part by staying home. Like I said before, I’ve done every home workout under the sun. Living in the city, I don’t really have a backyard or a close by park where I can get outside and do workouts, so I’ve been really relying on YouTube and Instagram to keep me occupied. I’m not a personal trainer in any way, I just know that I have the shortest attention span and without being able to go to classes that will hold me accountable, I need to constantly switch up my workouts to hold my interest.

I’ve compiled a few workouts, things I’ve ordered off amazon and some other tips and tricks for staying sane/healthy during quarantine. These are crazy ass times, but we can and will get through this together, at least that’s what I keep telling myself *chugs 5th glass of wine *.


Corepower Yoga

I know what you’re thinking – something along the lines of: I don’t like yoga, it’s boring, Processed with VSCO with t1 presetit’s not a good enough workout, I don’t know how. Let me tell you – I was the SAME way last year before trying Corepower, specifically their Yoga Sculpt classes. It’s a combination of yoga, cardio and weights. You can use anywhere from 3 – 10 pound weights, or just use your body weight if that’s all you have. I’m telling you, during a 60 minute sculpt class, you can burn up to 500 cals. It’s low weight, high rep and since we’re all at home, you can practice your downward dog in the privacy of your own home. Normally, memberships are $140 per month for studio classes or $20 a month for yoga on demand, but with everything going on, they’re streaming their classes on YouTube. Just trust me now and thank me later 🙂

PopSugar Fitness

I can’t even take credit for finding this one, my girl @gennaramey showed me this YouTube channel, specifically this @JeanetteJenkins workout where you burn 600 cals. The best part of this workout is all you need is a mat. She had me jumping around for 60 straight minutes. I’m talking jumping jacks, burpees, kickbox cardio, etc. She’s high energy and the workouts are extremely doable, she always provides modifications and there’s a timer in the corner of the screen, which for me, makes it seem like the time goes by super fast because when I have half the time left, it’s not 30 minutes, it’s just 3 sets of 10 minutes…. you know? No, just me? okay cool.

Revolve IG Live Workouts

This was a short 20 minute booty & abs workout led by @samiclarke. For this you just need a mat and resistance bands but I also added 3 pound ankle weights because why not. This would be a good workout to do if you don’t really feel like moving but know you should. Or maybe you add it on after a run or walk or you combine it with another 20 minute video from Revolve, the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Pinterest Workouts

Listen – I’m trying everything over here. I live in a studio apartment so I don’t have room for bulky cardio machines like a treadmill or a bike, so I need to improvise to get a good sweat in, okay?? These are just a few I’ve found on Pinterest and I’ve actually done them a handful of times. Once time through for me, although you could do more.

Healthy Habits/Essentials

  • – @Kenzieburke on Instagram is a gal you want to be following and not just during quarantine. She follows food combining which is a way of eating certain foods in a particular order that is highly beneficial for digestion. She has a 21 day guide that you can purchase on her site that includes so many awesome plant based recipes and simple meal plans to follow. Now that we’re all at home is the perfect time to reset your body since we’re not temped by dining out and after work happy hours.
  • Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm – Kind of a splurge, but the reversible side is awesome for yoga sculpt when we’re actually allowed back in the studios, since they’re heated, you sweat a lot and the grippy side of the mat really comes in handy.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 8.42.11 PM

  • Hydroflask – Don’t ask me why, but a hydroflask makes you drink more water, I don’t make the fricken rules okay??
  • Pukka Organic Tea Variety Pack– This is one of my favorite brands of tea and this variety pack you can get on amazon comes with 40 tea bags. Since we’re home 24/7 it’s so easy to snack and I’ve been really trying to grab tea if I’m bored. More exciting than water, but without the guilt of snacking all day and night.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 8.55.42 PM

  • Smoothies – I save all of my daily smoothies and other drinks in a highlight on my IG: @Byancaellul
    I have the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, it’s definitely a splurge but if you keep an eye on these, you can get them for a really awesome price. Their website always has 20% and if you wait for a holiday, you can usually get a great deal. I’ve triedE8AC91AF-A5C7-4574-8B2F-356FA19CB205 the nutri bullet and a cheap blender off amazon and they are honestly just not the same. If your smoothies aren’t blended properly, a lot of the times they’re just gross. My mom also has the ninja blender, which works really
    well too. But in my experience, any of the blenders that you enter all of your contents in and flip upside down, just end up leaking out and breaking over time. Below are some of my favorite ingredients to add to my smoothies

    • Organic Flaxseed – good source of fiber & omega-3
    • Organic Hemp Hearts – protein and omegas 3 &6 6 – I usually add these on top of my smoothies because I like the taste, you can add these on yogurt, cereal & oatmeal too
    • Chia Seeds – good source of fiber and protein, help keep you fuller, longer
    • Spirulina– superfood that is rich in antioxidants and has a long list of awesome benefits
  • Baking – I’m no baker, I’ll tell you that. My desserts always come out some weird texture, I don’t know why. BUT practice makes perfect and if I’m going to keep baking, I try to use “healthier” ingredients instead of a whole stick of butter and sugar, etc. Blogger Sari from EatWellWithSari has amazing and easy recipes, the avocado fudge brownies are awesome and you feel a little less guilty about eating them, which is a plus.

Hope this helps, even a little. Throughout this whole experience, I’m trying to allow myself to do what I want to do, instead of what I think I should be doing. It’s more enjoyable. Even as a person who really doesn’t get stressed much or have anxiety really, I find myself stressed without even really realizing it. So just take every day one step at a time and do the work out or don’t do the fricken workout!! Have an apple then eat a brownie, or eat two brownies. Okay, I’m done.

Enjoy xx


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