Spring Cleaning – Closet Organization.

Being organized is something that fortunately comes pretty easy to me. Cleaning and tidying up actually relaxes me and makes me feel better. So with Spring almost here, I figured a Spring cleaning post would be appropriate.

After graduating college and moving back home, I was forced to downsize in the amount of things that I could fit in my room. Which was actually better in the long run, I gave away a lot of things I hadn’t worn in forever and even sold a bunch of my stuff on Poshmark. I started only keeping things in my closet that were key pieces to my wardrobe and pieces that I could wear with multiple outfits. Also, get rid of all of those high school t-shirts that take up so much space in your dresser, you’re never going to need your 2012 Spring Break Mexico shirt again, I promise.

I’m going to walk you through organizing your closet and other ways I store my clothes in my small space! Remember, this will only work if you downsize the amount of clothes, shoes, accessories you have. If you have things busting out of your closet, don’t expect your end result to look very different from the beginning.

Enjoy xx


Start with a clean slate


Take everything out. Wipe down any shelving you have, rods, everything. I do have a shelf at the very top of my closet. I keep out of season shoes up here, purses, etc. I always keep my shoe boxes. It keeps your shoes so much nicer when they’re stacked in boxes and not thrown all over each other.

Add shoes


I definitely have more shoes than this, but like I said above, I keep out of season shoes tucked away. I have all of my sneakers for the gym up top because I grab those the most. I have a pair of black booties that I wear to work since it’s still cold in Michigan 😦 . I also have that small basket which I keep my camera and other lens/accessories in.

I purchased those two white shelves from target I believe, I couldn’t find the exact link, but I found something almost the same here. Here is also a similar option from ikea . That black storage unit is one of those plastic white bins thats usually on wheels. I took the wheels off and spray painted it matte black so you couldn’t see inside the bins. I use this mostly for my ballet flats, hair tools and other miscellaneous items that don’t need to be displayed. You can purchase them in black, so you don’t have to spray paint them, however, you can still see through the drawers. Spray painting only took one day and it was my one crafty project for the year, so there. Here are the black drawers from Target.

Add Clothes


A huge part of my organized closet is due to my matching hangers. You can get fifty hangers on Amazon for $27 here. It really makes a huge difference and these are also velvet so your clothes aren’t sliding off and falling everywhere. I started with my dress pants and some jeans all the way to the left so they’re hanging freely and not touching the shoes. I purchased black pant hangers from Target, but here are similar/cheaper ones from Amazon. I followed my pants with skirts and then dresses for the same reason that I wanted them to hang freely and not run into the shelves. You want all of your clothes to face the same way, it creates a neater look in the end.


Additional Storage

I also use my clothing rack from ikea as another source of storage in my room. This one was only $10 and I love it to display pieces that I’m constantly grabbing. I always have my t-shirt dress, sweater from Aritzia and my leather jacket on here.



The dresser to the left of my rack is where all of my sweats, workout clothes, jeans and other lounge clothes go. This doesn’t always stay completely organized, but it’s nice because I can close it and the mess goes away 🙂


I put my bed on risers so I have more storage underneath, these are from Bed Bath & Beyond. The black storage bins are a really thick cardboard material, you can get them from The Container Store. I love the handles and lids on them, they’re tucked away here, but if I ever needed to have them out in the open, they would still be cute on display. I keep clothes that are out of season in here, if I need to grab something for whatever reason, they’re still accessible without taking up room in my closet.

Lastly, I just have some simple hooks behind my door for my bags that I use the most. I try to not hang more than this because it tends to get too cluttered. They’re easy to get to and cute on display this way.



Spring is the perfect time to declutter your closet and get ready for summer. I hope this gives you some ideas for storage in your own space. Please don’t forget to throw away the high school t-shirts 🙂 .

One thought on “Spring Cleaning – Closet Organization.

  1. Wow Byanca looks like I could take a few suggestions from you & I thought I’m the 1 that taught you lol!
    Can’t wait to get back home to start!!


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