Holiday Gift Guide // For Her

Happy Holidays!! It is actually the most wonderful time of the year and my heart is so full. Gifting is one of my favorite things in the whole world, I love putting time and thought into each gift that I give, but I realize that not everyone may enjoy this as much as I do. So, I’ve put together this Holiday Gift Guide. I’ve included items that would be perfect for a best friend, sister, mom, mother in law, etc!

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.50.03 PM.png

I’ve included some budget friendly items, while also incorporating some splurge gifts as well. If you’re someone who has trouble giving gifts, just stop and think of what makes that person happy. Maybe it’s something as simple as coffee, or a book or a glass of wine (when all else fails!!). But, whatever it is, just showcase that you took time out to add thought to your gift. Gift cards are practical and they work if you honestly do not know the person at all, but finding something they actually love (and while finding a sale) will save you money in the end, which everyone loves.

Gifting can be so fun if you don’t procrastinate and start your shopping early!! Don’t be that person who storms into Nordstrom at 5:55pm on Christmas Eve and buys a size 11 Ugg slipper for your size 7 sister because there’s nothing left!! C’mon, be better.

I hope this gift guide helps you, I’ve linked everything below. If you guys like this type of post, I can do a Holiday Gift Guide “For Him” as well. Again, Happy Holidays.

Enjoy xx


1. Plush Throw 

2. Steve Madden Mules  (on sale!!)

3. Love Your Melon Beanie

4. Morphie Eyeshadow Palette 

5. Wine Subscription (I mean, c’mon?)

6. Wine Glass set  

7. Moka Stovetop Espresso 

8. Marble iPhone Case

9. Work Tote 

10. BH Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set (11 pieces for $23.00…..not lying)

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