Office Drama: How to Deal

Hi guys. So while I wish I worked as a blogger full time, I haven’t made that jump yet. So from 9-5, Monday through Friday, I am a corporate event planner. I do actually enjoy my job and my company, so this makes corporate life a lot more manageable. But I’ve listed a few tips that will help you deal with co-worker madness.

Don’t Take Things So Seriously

First of all, there are so many different types of people that work in an office setting. Old, young and men, women, etc. It is inevitable that not everyone will work well with each other all of the time. Some people are more blunt, more sensitive or just plain rude. Under stress and deadlines, people can snap, and it’s not necessarily that someone doesn’t like you, it’s business. Brush it off, trust me.

Communicate with your Department Head/Manager

You want your manager on your side. Especially if you’ve been disagreeing with a coworker. You don’t need to be a tattletale but be honest with them and let them know what is going on if the problem keeps persisting.

Find a Solution

If you’ve been dropping the ball on certain tasks at work and you feel others becoming annoyed or irritated with you, come up with ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re human. But asking for help in certain areas or coming up with a solution shows leadership and maturity.

Remember Why You’re There

Do your job, and do it well. Sometimes, people just have bad attitudes. Maybe they’re unhappy in their position, or maybe they have something going on in their personal lives. But just remember, you were hired there for a reason and you are just as important to that company or business as anybody there.

Every office is different. So many things play a part in the happiness your job can give you. Maybe you’re right out of college and you took any job you could get. Or maybe you’re still in college and you have a job that is totally irrelevant to your life. Maybe you love the job, but the management is terrible and makes it hard for you to succeed in your current position.

Whatever the case may be, first remember, you are lucky to have a job. I know it is simple, but be thankful you have a purpose and that people depend on you to get a job done (come on, it’s a good feeling!) Secondly, if you hate the job itself, or the management or your coworkers, so much that it’s taking over your happiness, change something. There is always something else, I promise. Take control of your situation, of your job and of your life. Office drama isn’t worth the stress.


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