Favorite Online Shops

Online shopping is honestly a favorite past time of mine. Coming home after a long day of work and seeing a package on your front porch is probably one of the best feelings. I’ve listed a few of my favorite online shops that I go to for clothing/decor/gifts/etc.

Enjoy xx


  • Honeymoon Hotel  You will thank me later. This shop has the cutest wall art pieces. From quotes, to photographs, they have everything. You can buy pieces at different sizes, then you frame them yourself. I’ve personally bought pieces from their “printable art” section. They get emailed to you in a PDF, then you go to print them yourself, at any size you want. They even give you recommendations for paper weight and type.
  • Nordstrom I know this isn’t just an online store, but their app makes it so easy to shop. Their wishlist lets you save items that you want and go back when your ready to purchase them. People can even search other’s wish lists, which is perfect for Christmas/birthday gifts! They have free shipping and if you change your mind on an item, you can simply return it to a store near you. Not having to ship things back makes it so much easier to online shop!
  • LuLu’s  This online shop is always one of the first places I look when I need a dress. I’ve purchased a long gown that I wore to a wedding from here for only $65 dollars, and my most recent NYE dress for I believe $50 dollars. Their dresses are always a nice material, not cheap like typical Forever 21 pieces. They also have tabs to shop by trend. They have an “office” tab, but some of their stuff just isn’t professional enough for my office in particular. (p.s. once my camera gets fixed, I will get a week of office outfits up!)
  • Revolve This shop is a little more on the pricey side, but their pieces are just amazing. I always keep an eye on their sale section too because they’re always adding new items. They have clothes, shoes, handbags, beauty, everything. It’s just not great for my wallet 🙂 still a favorite though.
  • 6PM  I purchased my favorite pair of Chinese Laundry heels are from here for only $45. They have so many deals and name brand items. They have so much, it’s a little overwhelming sometimes, so I usually just stick to shoe shopping. But they have handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and clothing for men, women and kids!
  • Five Four Club This subscription/online shop is for your boyfriend/husband/best friend. My boyfriend has a subscription and I was a little apprehensive at first because the women subscriptions I’ve seen just aren’t that great to me (maybe I just haven’t tried the right ones?) but the pieces that come monthly are awesome. You can choose your style and size and each month for $60 you get 2-3 pieces. My boyfriend signed up during a promotional month and got 5 pieces for $60. They’re all plain and his style and they allow him to mix and match. Where we are in Michigan, there just aren’t that many shops for men with cool clothes that don’t cost a fortune. With the holidays coming up, this is a perfect gift idea in my opinion.
  • Ulta/Sephora Obviously, we all know Ulta and Sephora. But switch it up sometimes and order online; they have deals that are exclusive for online orders and you end up getting more for your $$$. Ulta has its 21 days of beauty going on right now (it’s one of their biggest sales) and Sephora sometimes has promos that give you 12 free samples with a purchase.
  • Greetabl  This is one of my personal favorites. This site allows you to send a small box to someone with a favor of your choosing. You can customize the message inside and even add photos that can be removed and saved. They have gifts for your bffs/mom/significant other/work buddy. It’s a thoughtful gesture that is just a little step further than a card and getting one of these in the mail will make someone’s day. You can put a Cabernet sucker (YEAH), a copper candle, face mask, etc. inside the greetabl. This site is just really freakin cool.


Sometimes you just find better things online that you wouldn’t typically find in stores. Have you guys tried some of these shops? Did you like them? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Online Shops

  1. I enjoy hearing you say “you end up getting more for your $$$” …gives me butterflies inside. I’ve taught you well. PS – so proud of you this website is awesome !!!

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