I did a 24 Hour Juice Cleanse – This is What Happened.

Sadly, summer is coming to an end and things are slowing down. With that, I’ve noticed how much I’ve been eating and drinking and my stomach has definitely noticed too. I constantly was feeling bloated and I was getting horrible stomach aches. A little over a week ago I decided to cut dairy out of my diet (RIP beautiful cheese boards) I noticed that whenever I would consume dairy, my stomach would not react well. I immediately began to feel better once I stopped eating it, less bloated and basically no more stomach aches. So I wanted something to cleanse my body fully so I could start new and fresh. I had done some research and originally wanted to try pressed Juicery. The juices looked amazing, but shipping was $25 and with the juices already being $50 for 1 day, I wasn’t ready to drop that much cash.

I came across beyond juicery which has locations here in Michigan, and the prices were about the same for a 24 hour juice cleanse (they also have a 20% off promo for August if you use the code “BACKTOSCHOOL” ) so I ordered online and picked up in store.

There are 3 different cleanses Beyond Juice offers, a 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour cleanse. These are pretty standard compared to other websites I’ve looked at. Since I’ve never done a cleanse, I decided to go with a 24 hour cleanse which comes with six (16 oz) different juices that you drink throughout the day – with nothing else. I knew I wanted to do this, so for the last week or so I’ve been really watching what I’ve been eating to sort of ease my body into the cleanse. I definitely don’t recommend doing this right after a vacation or a portion of time where you weren’t exercising and eating healthy, it will definitely shock your body. So on Thursday I did a 24 hour juice cleanse, and here’s what happened:

7:00 AM – I began the morning with hot water and lemon (Beyond Juice recommends starting your mornings this way, everyday, not just when cleansing) so I did that, and began getting ready for work. I like hot lemon water anyways so this was normal for me. I did really want a cup of coffee but I stuck with the water.

8:30 AM – I get to work and situated at my desk, I started drinking the first juice on my way to work and I’m still working on it at this point. The first juice is Green + Lean (Apple, cucumber, celery, kale, collards, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger) it’s sweet from the apple and lemon, despite all the greens, so it’s easy to drink.

8:48 AM – A staff member just emailed the office to remind us that we’re having lunch catered today, pizza and salad….awesome :-)None for me obviously, but, even if I wasn’t doing a juice cleanse, I wouldn’t be able to eat the pizza because of the cheese anyways. So I feel a little better about missing free lunch :-/

10:00 AM – I finished my first juice, each one is 16 oz, I’m going to try to drink at least a water bottle if not two, in between each juice. To keep me full and hydrated. Not gonna lie, I’ve been up for 3 hours now, and I’m hungry.

10:30 AM – My stomach is grumbling and making weird noises at this point so I’ve decided to start my second juice. This one is Earthy + Clean (Apple, beets, spinach and lemon). This is sweet as well and a deep purple from the beets. Both of the juices have been really enjoyable to drink. I think a lot of people like to associate juicing with gross flavors, especially the greens.

12:30 PM – This is normally when I take my lunch everyday. I’ve finished my second juice and decide to go to Nordstrom to distract myself since I want to wait until after lunch to start my third juice. My stomach does feel a little hungry, but I feel that it’s more mental than physical. I’m maybe a 3/10 on the hunger scale.

1:30 PM – I’m starting my third juice, Light + Lively (apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger) Its sweet and I like ginger so I’m enjoying this one.

4:00 PM – I was running around at work for a while and got distracted and really didn’t notice that I was hungry. It’s 4 now and I’m starting my fourth juice, Smooth + Settling (apple,carrot,lemon,ginger). The carrot is very strong in this one, not my favorite but it’s still good, sweet and easy to drink.

5:27 PM – I’m on my way home from work now, sitting in traffic. I’ve finished my fourth juice and I’m starting to feel a little light headed (which is normal). Hopefully I’m home soon so I can relax.

6:00 PM – I’m finally home and grab my fifth juice, Bold + Balanced (apple, grapefruit, kale, collards, spinach, ginger). I am always starving when I come home from work, but I resist. I sit with my juice and watch the Food Network and drool :).

7:30 PM – I’m going to start my last juice, Cinnamon + Cashew (Water, cashews, cinnamon, agave, dates). This is the most satisfying juice out of all of them. It’s so creamy and I’m hoping it fills me up to get me through the night.

8:30 PM – This juice is thicker in consistency and it’s harder to drink the whole thing, but I finally finish. I crawl into bed and watch TV until I fell asleep so I wouldn’t eat anything.

Well, I made it out alive people! This cleanse honestly was not that hard. I tried to do it during a work day so I would be busy but there were so many temptations in my office. Free donuts/bagels and lunch, I was constantly fighting the urge to give in. I did do it and I feel really proud of myself. Waking up the next morning I felt good and not bloated like I had previous mornings. This definitely isn’t something I could do over and over again, but it did make more aware of all of the unhealthy choices that are constantly surrounding me. If you’re looking to flush toxins out of your body and really start fresh, I would recommend a juice cleanse. Starting out with the 24 hour one did ease me in, but I don’t see myself ever doing anything longer.

I hope this helps, now I’m going to have a glass of wine because it’s Friday and I can.



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