“The Right Moment” is Not a Thing

“You know all of those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.”


“The right moment.” It’s not a thing, nor should it be a thing. The issue of time is so overlooked. It’s always tomorrow, or next week, or after the holidays or after the New Year. I certainly believe there is always a better way to go about things, but simply pushing it into some arbitrary time frame is a way of avoiding a real problem.

TELL PEOPLE YOU LOVE THEM. TELL THEM YOU’RE SORRY. TELL THEM YOU MISS THEM. TELL THEM HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE TO YOU. Swallow your pride and tell these important people who they are in your life and what they mean to you because we will not always be here. I’m not even talking in terms of life and death. I think it’s worse when people pull away because life happens and both parties are fully capable of reaching out and yet no-one ever does.

Or maybe you’re not waiting to say something but you’re waiting to do something. Start eating healthier, take a trip, looking for a new job, etc. etc.; waiting for the right moment is just a better way of saying that you’re wasting time.

Surrounding myself with people who value time spent together and spent in loving and laughing has added incredible meaning to the word, time. I am constantly motivated to be better and they remind me not to settle. For anything.

So, I hope you do or say whatever you want to (within reason) because the “right moment” is now.


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