Hashtag Blessed.

Sometimes I feel a certain way. Nothing in my life is particularly disastrous or exactly perfect. It’s just that there are good things and bad things and I take them each as they come. But these things, or situations, make me feel lucky and blessed and fortunate.
If you have literally no idea what I am talking about, and can’t think of a time or place when you felt this way you need to look at two things:
1. The people you surround yourself with
2. Your environment
Do the people in your life push you to do better? Do they make you laugh?? Do they make you happy???? (refer to my squad post here)
I think you’d be surprised to how many people can answer no to these questions and that breaks my heart. If you happen to be one of these people, stop basing your friends and relationships off of time. Time changes people, and just because you’ve been friends for years doesn’t give someone a free pass to treat you like shit.
Ask yourself another question when thinking of the people in your circle: “if I was on the side of the highway in the middle of the night due to driving with my gas light on for 4 days straight (might have actually happened to me, might not have) would this person drop what they’re doing and help me?” I bet you probably just thought of at least 1 person who would NEVER do that for you.
It took me a while to get here, and I am learning everyday, but the people in my life will be there for me and I will be there for them and that is beautiful.
So maybe it’s not the people in your life. Maybe they’re good and you’re good and you still don’t feel hashtag blessed.
You need to go somewhere. If you’re not terrible at saving money (me), take a trip if you can. Big or small, go somewhere. Now, when you get there, go to a rooftop, or a building with a view, or a hill or a balcony. Now just look.
Whenever I do this, it makes me feel so small. It makes me realize how minuscule my problems actually are and brings me back down to earth. Sometimes I’m just sitting by a window in a restaurant with friends or Jon (bae) and I feel lucky to be in that moment.
I hope you have people that lift you up and I hope you travel. Please.


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