Am I supposed to have my sh*t together already?


Your 20’s are thee most awkward years, especially your early 20’s.
Okay, so I’m 22 now and graduated college and after four years of living on my own and fending for myself, I feel like I’m back at square one….living in my parents house and broke.
BUT, keeping a positive attitude, especially while starting your job hunt, is really important. When I began to fill out countless applications and getting no replies while friends were starting school back up, graduate programs or new jobs, I definitely started to feel like I was doing something wrong.
BUT, I was doing everything I could and I wasn’t about to start wasting energy feeling sorry for myself. After what felt like a million applications and interviews, I finally got a job. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to spend my life doing, but it was an income and that was a huge start. #adultAF.
It is such bullshit that we have this timer over our heads just ticking away. Okay, you graduated high school, you better be going to college right away. Undergrad done? You better have a full time position, that’s relevant to your major lined up, and so on and so fourth. WE ARE SO YOUNG. If you need to take a year off, you do that. If you need to save money and live at home, you are not behind.  Didn’t get into that program you wanted right away? Try again. It is so simple, do something if you want to. And when you decide you don’t want to anymore, stop.
Obviously, I know there are always other factors: people, location, money (rules everything), but essentially, it comes down to what you want to do and when you want to do it. Don’t question that. Make a decision and go.
So even though I graduated and found a full time job, I know I still have a long way to go before I have even a quarter of my shit together.
Maybe when I’m like halfway, I’ll let you guys know 🙂


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