Celebrate Every Victory.

I keep trying to find a more appropriate way to start this, but I can’t. My friends and I find every excuse to drink. Let me explain 🙂
We support each other. Through school, tough times at work, relationships, hardships, etc. So when one of us starts an exciting new chapter in our lives, gets a good grade on a test or makes it through the day without crying more than once (okay dramatic, but I don’t care), you bet your buns we’re meeting up at Bar Louie afterwards.
A lot of people forget that relationships need work. Not just romantic relationships, but relationships you have with friends, family, co-workers, etc. You make time 13528732_1364530656895353_4125499927689132154_nfor the people who mean the most to you. We often do it subconsciously, and realize it once we’ve already drifted from a certain relationship we had.
Also, if you think you don’t need friends, stop right there. Friends keep you sane, friends tell you when you’re acting crazy, friends have clothes you can borrow and most importantly, they’re there when you are sad or mad or lonely because trust me, there is nothing worse than feeling like you’re fighting a battle alone.
So if you have a good squad, don’t forget to appreciate them and make time for those relationships. Celebrate the week being over, celebrate that new internship or job, celebrate biting your tongue at work and not going off on that dumbass co-worker, and celebrate each other.

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