Your Fall Fashion Guide

Fall fashion is one of my most favorite times for styling outfits. You can layer without sweating profusely or freezing your buns off. So I’ve come up with a Fall Fashion capsule, if you will. You should be able to take these items (most of which you’ll already have in your closet) and elevate your Fall outfits with. Take them from a 2 to a 10, you know? I’ll also provide links so you can shop if you don’t have these items. If you do need to purchase something, try to focus on classic pieces that you can carry throughout different seasons since Fall is so short lived (at least in the Midwest). If you want to include a more trendy piece of fashion, try brands like lulus, princess polly, amazon, etc. so you’re not breaking your bank over a trend that will be out of style within a few months.

Happy cozy szn everyone, enjoy.


 The Neutral Sweater

1  //  2


p.s. #1 is from amazon and it’s only $23 and comes in a million colors

A White Sneaker

1  //  


Thee Leather Jacket

I’m not even going to give a second option because this is thee leather jacket. I’ve had it for years now and she’s never done me wrong and she looks cute on everyone and you need her. So, here.


Boot and/or Booties

1 // 2


3 //


1 // 2


 The Black Jean

1 // 2


 I’ll say two things about black skinny jeans: Madewell makes some of the comfiest denim in the game (they also have tall sizes so there are no floods going on for us giraffe gals). And although I love a good ripped jean, I think when you’re investing in a good pair, have them in one piece so you can wear them to work, to nice dinners, events, etc. I think you’ll get a lot more use out of them this way – but hey, what the hell do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A Statement Coat

1 // 2


3 // 4


Scarf Game


1 // 2


3 // 4


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