Travel Essentials for a Weekend Trip.

Finally after 2 long months of 60+ hour weeks and no time off, these next few weekends mean vacation time. Since moving back home after graduating I’ve been able to save a lot of money which is important, but traveling also ranks pretty high in terms of priority to me. I cringe when people tell me they’ve never been on a plane or out of the country (Mexico and Canada do not count if you live in America, they just don’t). But, money rules everything around us, so for some, that’s just not an option.

So if you can’t get on the next plane to Europe, take a weekend trip. Drive somewhere, even if it’s within your state, go to a city you’ve never been to before. These have been some of my favorite trips I’ve taken. Grabbing my friends and going to Grand Rapids, or Chicago or wherever for the weekend is such a wonderful get away (if you can manage to do it on a weekday, you’ll save even more money).


I’m very blessed in the fact that I have a handful of people in my life that have the same outlook on travel as I do. They want to go places, see things, try new foods and squeeze 8 people into a Chicago hotel room to do so, but save a little money at the same time (true story).

Each trip that I’ve taken changes me, or adds something to my life. Whether it’s gratefulness or even just happiness. It honestly feeds my soul (is that a thing? it has to be a thing for me). It just makes me feel good, and that in itself, is a good enough reason to take a weekend trip.
I’ll be heading to Chicago for the next two weekends for friends/shopping/eating/drinking and music and I cannot wait. Here are a few things that I definitely need with me when I travel:

  1. Hard Shell Luggage
  • I love using a hard shell luggage, even if I’m just doing a weekend trip and not going to the airport. I do have a really cute duffel bag that I got from LuLus but I find that everything gets wrinkled so easily. With the hard shell luggages, you pack both sides and everything lays nicely and you can see everything. Plus, mine has an expander, so you can fit even more if necessary ;-). (If you are going to the airport, check to see how wide your carry on can be according to the airline you’re flying. You might get on the airplane and discover while holding the luggage above your head that it’s too FAT to fit in the overhead bin. Then you’re forced to grab things and shove them in your purse, holding up the whole plane….) I got this one at Marshall’s, they always have really nice luggage pieces for cheap. Amazon is also the way to go if you’re not looking to spend a fortune on luggage.


Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 11.09.22 PM

Shop here for the black, and here for the gold.

2. Travel Size Products

  • I love taking travel sized makeup or skincare with me, for the obvious reason that it takes up less room. Whenever I’m running low on beauty products that I buy over and over again, I’ll sometimes buy them off of Nordstrom, Ulta or Sephora’s website because you usually get to add 2-3 free samples when you checkout. I know at Sephora you can always ask them to put something into a trial size if you want to “try” a new product. But whenever I go there I drop at least $50 and I do not feel bad…. I will literally just ask if they have free samples 🙂

3. Ibuprofen/Antacids/Motion Sickness Medication

  • I always have these on hand when I go away for the weekend. You’re off your daily schedule, probably drinking and eating way more than you usually do and it definitely takes a toll on your body. These things seem like common sense but putting it on this checklist is just another reminder not to forget!

4.Tide to go pen

  • I always spill stuff on me, like everyday…..yeah.

5.Portable Charger

  • My phone is always dead and when I’m on weekend trips I’m never sitting in one place, let alone near an outlet. Plus, the last thing you need is to be in a city you don’t know without internet or maps. So once I finally got one of these, I can’t believe I lived without it.

6. Makeup Wipes

  • I always get a little lazy on vacation and it’s nice to be able to take my makeup off with a wipe when I’m so tired I just want to fall into my bed. I know they’re not the best for your skin, but if I have to use one, I’ll reach for the Yes to Coconut Face & Hand Cleansing Wipes. 

I’ve come up with this list after numerous trips with a dead phone, wrinkly clothes, massive headaches, etc. I hope this helps you while packing for your next trip!

Anything I missed? What do you guys bring? And where are your favorite cities to take weekend trips?


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