Post Grad Life.

I can’t believe I’ve been done with my undergrad for over a year now… (GV I miss you and GR, I miss you even more). Although I do reminisce on my college days, I feel like I naturally outgrew my time there and was definitely ready to take on bigger and better things. I’ve complied a post grad list that will hopefully ease your mind, during your transition.

  1. If you thought friends drop after high school, you just wait. College friends are from anywhere and everywhere and the moment you graduate, everyone is pulled in different directions. It’s scary, but people who want to be in your life, will continue to be there and I think it makes relationships you have that much more meaningful. Anyone can be friends (unless you’re inconsiderate or rude or selfish or a liar :)! ) with someone who is right in front of them or convenient. Real friendships and relationships take work, don’t let distance scare you. I was in a long distance relationship for over 3 years and it only made us stronger, as cliché as that sounds. It is so true.
  2. There are no more random days off. You know those Tuesday/Thursday classes that weren’t even relevant to your major and attendance wasn’t taken, if you skipped that, you had the whole day to be productive with real things (or sleep or drink, oops). Working full time doesn’t really allow you to have those days anymore. You can’t just skip since you have responsibilities and a boss and co-workers who are sort of counting on you to do your job. But my upside of this is every freakin’ weekend off! AND holidays. NO MORE WORKING BLACK FRIDAY FOR THIS GIRL!! Making plans are kind of a breeze now because you don’t have to wait to get your schedule back to see if the boss that doesn’t give a shit about you, ignored your time off request (again). So see, yay for weekends!
  3. MONAAAYYYYYY. Ya girl does not have to live the broke life anymore and let me tell you, it is a wonderful thing to finally have the money to match my taste and sense of adventure. Yes, I have bills to pay for just like everyone else and by no means am I making 6 figures over here, but it is a good start and I am proud of myself for making the strides I have, so I reward myself with buying the things I want to buy and taking trips I want to take. Dammit.
  4. “You Want to Marry a Saver, Not a Spender” One of my business prof’s at Grand Valley said this during a lecture and I immediately thought “oh shit.” I’m pretty sure I had $.37 in my savings account at one point in time. THIRTY-SEVEN CENTS PEOPLE. So since then, I have been saving and spending, but saving a little more. This is very hard for me, since I really am an impulse buyer. Saving becomes easier for me when I set goals for myself and know that I need money to achieve them. For instance, I want, I NEED, to move out of my parent’s house. So yes, I have thought about buying a Louis Vuitton bag multiple times, but saving that money towards my goal of moving out is definitely more important for me, and therefore easier.
  5. Routines Aren’t the Enemy. Since having a full time job I have developed somewhat of a routine, and I have gained a new appreciation for it. It’s easier to lead a healthier lifestyle and make time for the gym and to meal prep lunches and such. It forces me to go to sleep to get a good nights rest for work (most days). I don’t really do these things on the weekend….but at least having somewhat balanced days Monday-Thursday, makes me feel a little better.
  6. Just the Start. Post grad life can sometimes seem to have more cons than pros. Maybe you’ve graduated and you have a degree now, but you still don’t have your dream job, or even a job that is relevant to what you want to do. But you know what is so wonderful, this is just the beginning. This is not where you will end up, this is not where you have to stay by any means. I think all millennials knew that when you graduate you have to build up your experience. It’s just part of the deal.

I’ve never really agreed with your 20’s being the best time of your life, or college or mid 20’s or late 20’s or early 30’s. Your whole life is the best part of your life. There are different aspects to each part and comparing any two is apples and oranges. My Nanna and Nannu are 70 years old and they go to Florida and don’t give a shit. Although I really don’t think I can top that, we are all at different stages in our lives and that is great.



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