Bye, Bye Dry

Dry skin sucks 🙂 Especially in the winter months, but even though it’s somewhat warming up here in Chicago, my skin is still extremely dry. My lips and even my hair/scalp get really dry also (super attractive, I know). But if you experience dryness like me, I’m here to help since I’ve tried so many different products and now you don’t have to (you’re welcome). Click any of the bolded products and it will take you right to the website to buy 🙂



I’ll start with my all time favorite moisturizer: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. People always message me when I post about this because they want to know if it’s worth the hype. And I’m here to tell you, it 100% is. I have never had a moisturizer that is so hydrating. So, I know it’s labeled a “mask” but you can use it in multiple ways (one of the unique features of this product). You can apply a thin layer, leave it for 10-15 minutes and wipe off. Or, use it as a moisturizer in the AM or PM and just leave it on. It’s a pretty penny, but they recently came out with a mini version so you can try it first without being so aggressive with your bank account 🙂

Another favorite moisturizer of mine is the Glossier priming moisturizer. It’s light and hydrating – perfect for before your makeup goes on. This one is half the price of Summer Fridays, so I definitely recommend if you’re not looking to spend too much. It’s also buildable so you can add as much or as little as you need for that day.

As for body dryness – I really just recently found a lotion that has quenched my skin. Every time I buy lotion I get anything that is targeted at “extreme dryness, extra moisture, intense repair, etc, etc, etc” and it honestly never works. I just started using Hydrate by GoGlow and it’s a body butter that makes my skin so soft without a greasy residue. My legs were dry and peeling after coming back from Florida and returning to the cold Chicago air and this lotion helped me tremendously. It’s $28 for 8.5 oz. which is not cheap, but I’m okay spending this on something that makes my skin so incredibly soft. This product is sold by a company that specializes in spray tans, but the products in their white bottles can be used at any time, even when you don’t have a tan 🙂

Another product I love that I’ve been using for years is Bio-Oil. I don’t really use this every single day, just when needed. It’s good for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin and obviously, dry skin. I’ll use this on my face mostly but I’ll even rub it on my cuticles in between manicures to keep my hands on fleek (I’m sorry “fleek” just slipped out and felt right and I’m not taking it back).


I have chapstick or some form of it at every check point of my day. One by my bed, in my purse, in my gym bag, at my desk, etc. If I somehow find myself without chapstick, I need to just go back home and completely restart my day. Anyone with me? No one? Okay cool.

IMG_2532.JPGGood old fashioned vaseline is always one of my go -to’s and they have little mini ones that you can fit anywhere. I find that the “flavored” ones don’t do as good a job as the original, but maybe thats just in my head….

Aquaphor lip repair is another of my favorites, you can get this at any drugstore. Nothing special, it just makes my lips soft and keeps them that way. Yay. Sometimes I find that certain chapsticks (Chapstick brand, Burtz Bees, etc.) just sit on top of your lips and don’t actually moisturize, that is not the case with this one. FYI this is cheaper if you just go and buy it at the store, but if you’re lazy like me, I’ve linked it and I support you either way.

Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme – as if the name couldn’t be any longer….but regardless, this is one of my favorite lip products and I actually bought it by mistake because I buy so many things when I go into Target I basically blackout. But I’m happy I did because it does plump and moisturize my lips but without that gross tingly feeling that most lip plumpers give you. I have this in barely blush and it’s one of my favorite lip colors/products since it’s not drying, sticky or tingly.


Now, onto hair. Mine gets so incredibly dry and these are just a few products that I’ve found add moisture back into my scalp/hair.


Living Proof prime style extender – This product in particular doesn’t add moisture, but it helps the styling of my hair. It’s a cream that I apply while my hair is wet before a blow dry. I order mine on amazon, it’s half the price of Ulta.

Kristin Ess Leave In Conditioner is a product I added to my routine mid way through winter when my hair had so much static in it from the dryness, I literally couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll spray this all over my damp hair after a shower. I think the bottle says 6-8 sprays, I do like 10-15….. 🙂 It smells great too.

Moroccan Oil Treatment – This is a product I’ve heard so much about and I couldn’t resist it any longer. It smells amazing and really does make my hair soft and shiny. I’ll apply it when my hair is damp and even a pea sized drop again after I’m done styling. I definitely want to try more products from this brand, but we need to do it in increments since they’re not the most affordable products.

Okay, now go be moisturized.

Hope you enjoyed



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