My Career Journey as an Event Planner

Some choices are fairly easy: Do I want wine? (Yes) Red or white? (Red) Do I want another glass? (Is the Pope Catholic?)

Other choices, not so much: Where do I want to go to college? Do I even want to go to college? What will I major in? What do I want to be when I grow up that won’t make me miserable and will give me life long purpose…? I think the first step in tackling these pressing questions, is recognizing that they don’t need to be answered right away and all at once. 

I’m currently an event planner, but you can read all about my previous jobs leading up to the one I have now, here. I didn’t always know I wanted to major in hospitality. Honestly, I didn’t even know that was a major and event planning was a career path. I started out at Grand Valley State University in 2012 (omg) majoring in Psychology. I held out for two years and I really thought that was what I wanted to do. But, as I started getting deeper and deeper into the core classes, I wasn’t enjoying any of the content and I honestly wasn’t doing well at all. 

There was a stigma, which I think is only getting worse today, that if you’re undecided with what you want to do or what you want to go into, you’re wasting your time if you go away to college. You should be at home at a community college to “save money”. While I do understand the pros to this situation, I don’t think staying in the same environment as the last 18 years of my life would have helped me, personally. Interacting with new people, talking to your classmates and seeing where they come from and where they’re going will open your eyes to so many options. 

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon hospitality, I just remember begging God to give me a sign because the last thing I wanted to do was declare my major undecided. I thought my last two years were wasted at Grand Valley and I thought my parents would be so disappointed in me that I was changing majors and prolonging my graduation. However, I browsed the majors at GVSU, saw Hospitality & Tourism Management with an emphasis on Event Management, met with an advisor and talked about possible career choices. It just stuck and I hit the ground running. 

My parents weren’t upset, they actually admitted that they didn’t really see psychology as a good fit, but supported me regardless. I realize not everyone has understanding parents, and a lot of pressure students feel comes from their family. But I’m telling you, do what YOU want to do. This lecture is over played, I know. But you’re the one that has to get up Monday through Friday and spend 40 hours a week at this place, so please, PLEASE, enjoy it somewhat. 

If you’re in college thinking about switching majors, do your research! Do you see yourself with the job titles that comes with the major your in? If not – switch it now! Why wait? What is stopping you? Better late than never, I’m telling you. If you think you’re too old or it’s too much work, no one is going to be more upset than you when you’re stuck in the wrong career.

We live in a time where side hustles become careers and entrepreneurs are at an all time high and people work from home and make money off of Instagram and brewing beer is a major, OKAY PEOPLE? Anything is possible, so take advantage of these times that we’re living in right now and be happy and if you’re not happy, don’t stop until you are.

If you’ve been thinking of changing careers, or majors or going back to school or whatever it may be, I hope you use the New Year (and this blog post) as a sign.

Let’s get this bread (sorry I couldn’t resist).

xx B

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