Why You Should Move.

My obsession with moving out of my hometown and to a big city started when I was probably twelve years old. New York City was the goal for years. I would travel to and from NYC throughout my childhood and fall more and more in love with it every time. The atmosphere, the diversity, the possibilities all kept me coming back. Then, when I went away to college and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I fell in love with that city too. I traveled to Cannes, France my junior year and what do you know, I fell completely head over heels for that place as well. I started to realize, even though my obsession started with NY, (still one of my favorite places) I was actually just falling in love with how big the world is.

Some people think it is absolutely insane to pick your life up, leave your job, your family and friends and move to a completely new place. It is crazy, but why not? I’m not saying be careless and quit your job and run away, but if it’s something you want, and it’s important to you, then literally, why not?

Moving is scary – new cities and new places are terrifying. Change in general scares a lot of people, and rightfully so. However, the same daily routine for days and days on end is even more terrifying if you ask me. It is nice to be comfortable and have somewhat of a routine, but there comes a point when you’re continuing your day to day as it is simply because you’re too scared to start something new.

If you’re thinking of moving and making that jump, just do it. My motto is, you can always come back. I, personally, don’t want to look back on my life 30 years from now and wished I’d done something when I had the time, money and passion to do so.

New places and uncomfortable situations cause you to step out of your comfort zone. That probably sounds very unappealing to a lot of people, but how can you get to where you want to be without going through different situations? If you’re living your absolute best life and you are exactly where you want to be then by all means, stay put.

For everyone else, moving away will really show you how much of the world is really out there, make yourself wildly independent and will honestly allow you to discover things about yourself you didn’t even know needed discovering. It’s cheesy, I know, but if you travel a lot, you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, I guess you’ll have to travel or move to figure it out for yourself.




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