Must Have Apps

Hi! We are all probably on our phones more than we’d like to admit, so you might as well download these apps that will make your life easier/more productive! I’ve included things that will help with travel/health/organization/etc.

Enjoy xx


  1. Hopper – I honestly can’t believe that some people still don’t know about this app. It helps you get flights for cheap. You enter in where you’re mzl.ngfjefok.512x512-75.png eparting from and arriving to and your dates. It’ll give you an estimate of how much the flight will be and also when the price will go down or up. It even gives you suggestions of flexible dates/times to save you even more money. You can choose to “watch” a certain flight and the app will alert you when the price goes down!
  2. Waze – Way better than the maps that comes on the iPhone or Google maps, in my opinion. share-image.pngIt’s a directional app, but Waze will take you through subdivisions and side streets to avoid as much traffic as possible. I find this most useful when I’m on my way to and from work during rush hour.
  3. WaterMinder – I actually mentioned this also in my last post on  having a healthier gut, but it’s such a great app I wanted to bring it up again! Being able to visually see how much more water you need to drink for the day makes it a lot easier to hit your daily recommended water intake. waterminderThis app also links directly to my Apple watch making it really easy to track my water intake throughout the day. You can set notifications to remind yourself to keep drinking water so you never miss your daily goal.
  4. SpotHero – This is a parking reservation app that takes the hassle and frustration out of trying to find a parking spot. Whenever I visit Chicago, I always use this app. app-icon-60@3x.fabbac45a4b2It shows an overview of different parking spaces and their prices. It includes a description of the spot (if it’s in a garage, on the street, if you can exit and reenter, etc.) It’s convenient because you can book the spot in advance and reserve your spot. You simply scan the barcode when you enter and exit and that’s it! It has come in handy so many times while downtown, you know exactly where you’re going and you’re not wasting time and gas driving around trying to find a spot. Definitely a favorite app of mine.
  5. Bandsintown – This app isn’t exactly something I use for my day to day life, but it scans my iTunes music and according to what artists I like, it will show me who is playing near me. bandYou can choose different cities and see what shows are coming up. This app is good for spontaneous concert trips, maybe you have an open weekend and didn’t know a certain artist was in town….well now, you do 🙂
  6. Evernote – This app allows you to organize notes, photos, to-do lists, links, etc. across all of your devices. If you’re in school, or blogging, or simply need to organize your thoughts, Evernote is here to help you. unnamedYou can create notebooks, with notes inside those notebooks, with tags in each individual note to help you search through them when you start to compile a lot of information. It sounds overwhelming, but once you learn your way around Evernote, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. I recommend watching some tutorials on the app so you can really take full advantage of all of the features!
  7. Nike Training Club – This app is awesome when I feel like I’m in a rut and don’t unnamed now what to workout at the gym, or if I can’t make it to the actual gym and need todo a quick workout at home. You can choose different workouts and there are videos/tutorials to go along with them and the app talks you through each part of the workout. It’s honestly like having a personal trainer at home. It even links to your iTunes library and plays music right through the app.
  8. White Noise App –  I usually sleep with my essential oil diffuser on in my room so I images don’t use this app every night, but when I’m away from home it really comes in handy. It’s free, and it has so many different sounds to choose from. There are your typical fan noises, air conditioner, rain, etc. But it also has thunder, colored noises and nature sounds. Sometimes I even use this app when i’m getting in a bath or reading/writing. I never knew I liked white noise until I tried it. It makes falling asleep so much easier.



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