How To Stay Motivated.

Having goals usually isn’t the problem. Everyone has goals, whether it’s to get in shape, eat healthier, move to a new city, land your dream job, etc. Issues typically arise when it comes to staying motivated to achieve these goals.

Remember the sayings: “Hard work pays off” or “nothing easy is worth having”? They’re cliché but they’re real. With social media in our faces at all times, you only see the end result of all of the hard work, not the tedious tasks it took that person to get there.

Being 24 now, I’m still at a point in my career where I’m just above entry level and I’m still learning, building my resume and working my way up. That being said, some of you might still be in school, or waiting tables on the side to pay for student loans, or working less than ideal hours (holidays/weekends), and that is okay. This post is here to remind you, it will all be worth it. I promise.

Keep reminding yourself of that main goal. Vision boards are real people. If you need to post photos around your room to remind yourself of your goal, do it. Or set something that reminds you of your goal on your lock screen of your phone, that way you’re constantly reminded of it. Another tip: whenever I feel like quitting, or if my motivation is low, I remember that my Nanna and Nannu moved from Malta (a small island under Sicily, look it up, it’s the shit) to America at eighteen years old!! I mean seriously, they moved to a new country with $600 and hopes for a better life. If that isn’t the struggle, I don’t know what is. It reminds me that if my Nanna can move halfway across the world at such a young age, I can honestly do anything.

Surround yourself with positivity and those who support your goal and want to see you succeed. There will sometimes be people who question everything, and it’s because they love you, but just be confident in yourself and your end goal. It makes all the difference when you have people around you lifting you up rather than trying to tear you down. Not only do I mean positive people, but positive environments also. If you’re in a slump, change up your surroundings. Go to a different gym or study in a different coffee shop, etc. Inspiration and motivation comes from odd places sometimes.

Set mini goals within the big goal. Okay, stay with me here. If you goal is to eat healthier, set a smaller goal of meal prepping your lunch every Sunday for three weeks in a row. After those three weeks, did you achieve your mini goal? Was it easy or difficult to stick to? These mini goals keep your big goal fresh in your mind, while making it manageable at the same time.

Who are you doing this for? The number one answer better be you, but maybe it’s for someone you love also. Talk to that person, or someone who knows how much your goal means to you regularly. If your goal is driven by money or to make someone else happy, just stop. It’s 2018, do what makes you happy, it’s easier.

While nothing is worth compromising your mental health, or your sanity, achieving goals takes hard work. Remember Nanna, do you think it was easy for her to leave her family behind and runaway with my Nannu to America? NO. So just give yourself a little pep talk next time you feel like quitting and handle it.

(Nanna & Nannu are still killin’ it and thriving btw.)







2 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated.

  1. Omg Byanca I’m so happy for you & I know u listen when I tell you stories from our past & how we got here!! Nannu & I are so proud of your achievements so far & know you will get where u wanna be!! I’m glad you think we are killing it & hope you follow your dreams & I’ll be there cheering you on!! Love you to the moon & back❤️


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